Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking with Sumitra Joshi you agree to the following terms and conditions.


•50% minimum non refundable deposit to secure the spot. Date is not secure until minimum payment is paid with in 24hrs of Inquiry. 
• The full fee or remainder of your full fee must be paid at least one week prior to your appointment.
• Bank transfer on the day is not accepted.
• Please ensure you have the correct amount of cash or have arranged to pay in advance or your appointment will not go ahead.
• Eftpos is not currently available.

• Your booking is not secure until we have responded to your request and have confirmed your appointment.
• To secure your booking on a particular date you may be required to pay a non-refundable appointment retainer fee.
• This fee goes towards your final fee on the day and is a retainer to ensure that your date is kept free for you.
• Your booking is not confirmed until this fee has been paid if requested.
• Occasionally the makeup artist will not request the retainer fee until someone else requests that date, but you will be informed. Your date will be held without the fee if approved by the makeup artist.
• The remaining fee must be paid up in full week before the date. 
Bank transfer on the day is not acceptable.
• You can pay the full fee up front if you wish   
You will receive message or an email containing a link to the terms and conditions and payment options.
• A bridal preview does not guarantee your wedding date is held. The artist will hold the date until the trial and then the appointment retainer fee must be paid to retain your wedding date.

The makeup artist may cancel an appointment at any time if they feel unsafe or if a client is behaving inappropriately. Your retainer fee will not be refunded.

• A bridal preview is your chance to see if you work well together.
• A bridal preview may result in your having two different eye makeup looks so is not advised to do before and event or photoshoot.
• The makeup artist may refuse any wedding booking based on your behaviour at the preview and whether or not they are able to satisfy your requirements.
• In the rare even that the artist feels you are not a good fit, alternative artists will be suggested.

The artist will consult with the client during the process to achieve a satisfactory look.
Please be aware that if you bring in a photograph of a look you are hoping to achieve, the artist may not be able to replicate it. Using the exact same products, the look will appear different as everyone has different eye shapes, skin types, skin tones, face shapes etc. If you wish to bring in a photo, please keep this in mind. This applies especially to photos of other artists work.
At the conclusion of your makeup appointment, we strongly urge you to let us know if you have any requested changes or concerns, so we can ensure you are happy and feeling as good as possible. The artist will seek your feedback and make changes accordingly.

If you do not show up to your appointment you will be invoiced for the full fee.

• If you need to cancel keep in mind that the artist has said no to other paid work in order to retain your booking.
• If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be invoiced for the full fee.
• The appointment retainer fee will not be refunded.

• If you need to re-schedule please keep in mind that the artist has said no to other paid work in order to retain your booking.
• Re-scheduling is treated as a cancellation. The retainer fee will not be refunded

• As a freelancer we rely upon your reliability as you do ours. The artist will try to reschedule with you however cannot guarantee availability.

• Re-scheduling will be dependent on the date and time, and whether the artist has an appointment available for you.
• If there is no appropriate time to re-schedule the appointment retainer fee will not be refunded.

• If you are running late please let the makeup artist know as soon as possible by phoning or texting 0424814063
• The artist will arrive 10 minutes early to set up the work station.
• While we are understanding, often the makeup artist is booked back to back and lateness means they will arrive late to their next appointments which include pack up, driving time and set up.
• If you are late and the makeup artist is required to stay after the allocated time for the appointment you will be invoiced $40 per half hour.
• There is also the chance that the makeup artist will not be able to perform your makeup service if you are running late and the makeup artist has more appointments after you.
• Your retainer will not be refunded and the full fee will be invoiced.
• Your appointment cannot be extended due to lateness.

As a freelancer sometimes unavoidable events occur like illness or injury that mean the makeup artist cannot perform your service. In this case the makeup artist will let you know as soon as possible. The makeup artist will attempt to find a replacement for your appointment but cannot guarantee this. Your retainer fee will be refunded.

For the safety of the makeup artist, client and all other clients, the makeup artist may refuse to provide a makeup service if you are sick or have any of the following:
• Bacteria, fungal, parasitic or viral infections (includes cold sores, conjunctivitis)
• Recent treatments – injectables, IPL, laser or surgery
• Known medical conditions or any allergies which may affect treatment.

These conditions must be disclosed to the makeup artist so appropriate action to avoid infection can be taken and a risk assessment can be performed.
In the event that illness prohibits your makeup service to be performed at the time of the appointment, the retainer fee will not be refunded.

• Your booking request is considered a verbal or written agreement.
• The makeup artist has turned down other work for your booking.
• You will be invoiced upon completion of the booking.
• Payment must be received within 14 days.
• Cancellations within 24 hours notice will incur the full fee and you will be invoiced. Payment must be received within 14 days.

• All bookings are subject to availability, bookings must be made well in advance.
• Sumitra  is booked out on particular dates up to a year in advance.
• No exchanges for cash available.
• All bookings are limited on Weekends and available between 9:30am -2pm Mon to Friday  where available.
• The usual cancellation and no-show policies apply to vouchers.
• Vouchers are for makeup lessons only.

All products, brushes and tools used by sumitra Joshi are used and stored in line with the Infection Control Guidelines including sanitisation after every application. 
Products are used in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. Clients will be asked whether or not they have any allergies or skin conditions. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the makeup artist of any conditions prior to the service. Allergies may occur in people that have had no prior reactions and the makeup artist is not liable for this.
A patch test can be performed to test products if requested by the client prior to the appointment. Client(s) or Agent(s) of client(s) agree to release the makeup artist,
Sumitra Joshi from liability for any complications due to allergic reactions. In the unlikely case that an allergy occurs, the client(s) must seek medical advice.

We welcome your comments and feedback.
The makeup artist retains the right to cancel any appointment and return the retainer fee at any time, for any reason.

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